Privacy Policy

We welcome you to the information hub for HP Support Assistant, and assure you that you’d get every help that you need to use the software. We believe that our existence is entirely dependent on the fact that our readers have shown immense confidence to support us. In the modern-day scenario, we realize there are tons of risks that have been associated with all or any online service, and that gives rise to the need of protecting every personal data online. Here, we have created a privacy policy to wit, respecting all of our reader’s data is one of the most significant responsibilities. You’ll now be taken through a set of rules that has been enforced by the laws of data protection and application (which is not limited). However, it is an earnest request that you do not use any of the information available on this website if you do not side with our policies and agree to them. In case of doubts and queries, please get in touch with us for a better understanding.

Principles that we abide to

There are a few principles that our services have been tied to and we respect this relation with following them. So, let’s walk you through these principles:

Total transparency

All our services have been designed to help you with your requirements and we are 100% transparent with each one of our activities with data processing. Rest assured that every step we take will be with your consent, to meet your requirements, to maintain a smooth flow of service operation, to deliver great customer experience, and to accord with the given law.

Notification on data collection

We value you above all and it is our responsibility to notify you about the choices we can offer about the data type that you’ll have to provide along with the purposes that binds us. We will not be using any of your personal data for anything incompatible to our principles or our services.

The use of website cookies

For added security to data on our website, we’ve employed tools to eliminate all kinds of loopholes for the misuse of the data collected. We are here to assure that any information asked from you would have “Cookies” for protection on tons of related webpages. Cookies can be described as small or tiny data files that have been put into your hard drive. It can bring you ultimate utility with our services and to top that, it would not be using any of your personal data for the same purpose. Our website offers a few features that can only function with the help of these cookies.

Sharing your data

It is an enforced law that we share some of your personal data (especially the ones that prove your identity) with the government or any other authority that has higher significance. This is to continue the smooth functionality of our services along with our enterprise. However, it does not bind you to share the data, to wit, you have complete authority to opt-out from consenting us to share the data with any other entity.

Other website connections

We own the sole proprietorship of all the information and services offered here and to wit, we have no direct or indirect links to any other entity or site. We believe that our work and strategies, along with your faith can match your expectations regarding prevention of data breaches and our services.

Data retention and data consent

Visiting our online platform and sharing the requested or asked information/data, directly refers to your agreement of consent. It should be kept in mind that we do not encourage the retention of your personal information any longer than it is considered necessary. But we will have to retain it due to being suggested and enforced by the laws of government without being able to disclose them to any other authoritative entity, or third party other than the government itself.

Privacy Policy modifications

All our readers are recommended to check our web page of “Privacy Policies” frequently, for any changes that may or may not reflect from time to time. And that is because we hold the sole authority to do so without any prior notice. It should be kept in mind that any modification that reflect here, will be made to benefit both the readers and our services.


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