HP Touchpad Not Working- Here Is How to Fix It

Have you been trying hard to figure out why your HP touchpad not working and what could be done to fix it? Well, there could be nothing more annoying than this, especially when you have an urgent task to complete. But, this read has definitely got you covered with complete details on what to do in case your HP laptop’s touchpad stops responding or responds only at different intervals.

HP Touchpad Not Working

As we know, a touchpad or mouse is the core component of an HP laptop as it helps in controlling some major functionalities of the device. However, at times, you may see the HP laptop touchpad not working and bringing a halt to all your work. So, in that case, what you can do is follow the given instructions to get it working again. Whether you are using an HP Elitebook or HP Chromebook, the listed solutions would work on almost all the major HP laptops.

Reasons why HP touchpad is not working

If you are sick and tired of trying to find out why your HP touchpad not working, then you must check out the list of some possible reasons given below:

  • The touchpad is disabled
  • Outdated touchpad/mouse drivers
  • Outdated HP drivers
  • It is a hardware-related issue
  • Some minor technical glitches with the PC
  • Other unrecognized issues

Fix HP laptop touchpad not working- Enable the touchpad

  1. Locate the dot on the device’s touchpad generally present on the upper-left corner
  2. Double-tap on this dot to enable the touchpad right away


  1. Press the Win+X keys at the same time
  2. Choose the “Settings” option from the given menu
  3. Choose “Devices” > “Mouse and Touchpad” > “Additional options”
  4. Look at the touchpad settings and select the “enable” option
  5. Restart your PC and see if the touchpad is now enabled

Update the touchpad driver to fix the issue

If you are using HP envy x360 or any other HP laptop model and your HP touchpad not working, then you should try to fix the issue by updating the touchpad driver:

  1. Open the Device Manager from the menu that appears by pressing Win+X keys together
  2. From the next screen, choose the “Mice and other pointing devices” option
  3. Find and click on “HP Touchpad” > “Properties”
  4. Now, go to the “Driver” tab and select “Update Driver”
  5. From the next screen, select the second option that says “Browse my computer for driver software”
  6. After this, you need to choose the option to pick the device drivers on the computer and click “Next”
  7. Followed by this, choose “HID-compliant device” and click “Next”
  8. Next up, you need to restart your device when the update is installed

Note: This solution can also be performed on HP Pavilion x360 and HP Spectre x360.

Enable touchpad using the Function keys

If you are using an HP ProBook and you are seeing an HP laptop touchpad not working error simultaneously, then you can enable the touchpad by pressing the function keys available on your laptop’s keyboard. Although the combination might be different in different laptops, you may still give it a try. Press the “Fn” + “F3” keys on your keyboard and try using the touchpad to see if it worked.


Is your HP touchpad not working even after performing these solutions? Well, there could be a hardware-related issue with your touchpad and this can be only fixed by taking the necessary assistance from the HP experts. All you need to do is find an HP Store near you and get your laptop repaired from there.

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