What Is the HP Printer Supply Memory Error and How to Fix It?

If we look at the background details of HP, then we can say that it has created a strong background by delivering people the best of technology in different fields. Ranging from HP laptops and desktops to HP Printers, this brand has given us several reasons to love it. Not just that, it also comes up with great printing solutions making it easier for people to get the desired documents printed in no time. However, sometimes, due to some known as well as unknown reasons, your printer may get a different kinds of error messages on its screen. And, one common error message that you’d get to see is the “HP Printer supply memory error”.

hp printer supply memory error

As it is clear from the title, this post is going to cover all the details about HP Printer supply memory error, therefore let us discuss this topic in detail without any further ado.

What does supply memory error mean on HP printer?

The supply memory error on an HP Printer simply means that there is some connection problem between the printer and toner cartridge that you have installed on it. There could be several reasons why you are seeing this error message on your screen. The list of reasons has been specified below:

  • Well, there is a metal chip available on the toner cartridge and when this toner chip does not connect with the contacts inside the printer, then you are sure to face this issue
  • If the toner inside the printer could not be detected by the printer, then it will display the hp printer supply memory error on the screen
  • In case you have replaced the ink cartridge of your printer, then you will surely see the hp supply memory warning on your screen
  • When the toner cartridges are faulty or of low quality or are incompatible, then you are sure to see this issue on your screen

How to fix the HP printer 10.1000 supply memory error?

The HP Printer supply memory error on your screen can be easily fixed by the solutions that we are going to list below. The given solutions would cover HP Printer models such as HP laserjet pro M402dn and hp m281fdw. Thus, here are the easy troubleshooting guidelines that you can follow to fix this error right away:

Method 1- Remove any obstructions

  1. To begin the procedure, you first need to take off the cartridge from the printer
  2. After this, you simply need to look around for any kind of leftover packaging material
  3. If you see any pieces of plastic or paper, then you should remove these bits very carefully
  4. Next up, look for the cartridge seal and make sure it is removed
  5. Before you put it back in, you need to shake the cartridges very carefully

If that does not help in resolving the hp printer supply memory error, then you can run HP Printer Assistant on your device.

Method 2- Reset your printer

Before you reset your printer, make sure that you have tried all the other solutions as resetting the printer will restore its settings back to default. Otherwise, if you do not want to go ahead with the hard reset, you can perform a soft reset of your printer. So, here is the easy to follow steps that would help you with the reset process:

  1. While your printer is turned on, you need to first disconnect the power cord attached to it
  2. After this, you need to unplug the power cord from the power source as well
  3. Next up, you need to wait for around 1-2 minutes
  4. And, then reconnect the power cord back to the two initial positions

Method- 3 Rectify the metal contacts 

If the metal contacts inside your printer are squashed, then you should carefully and gently pull them forward. You can also try to reinstall the toner cartridges to get this issue fixed immediately.


If you see the hp printer supply memory error on your screen repeatedly despite installing the new toner cartridges, then you can refer to this post to learn more about the reasons. After knowing the reasons, you will be able to find a suitable solution to get this issue fixed. If this article worked for you, we would like you to share it with others as well. However, if the enlisted solutions did not help out, then you should reinstall the printer drivers on your device or update the firmware to get past this issue.

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