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Technical advancements have always been a great influence on our minds and the aspirations that we have for the future. Can you imagine a world without any technical tool, or let’s say the Internet? Well, we can’t and we’re sure most of you agree.

This read is dedicated to one such tech device that helped us in so many ways in this fast and digital world- the printers. And not just any printer, the HP Printers, that simply redefined the way we understood the print experience.

HP Printer Scan To Computer

It can be stated that these high-end printers are a complete high-resolution imaging solution for modern-day requirements. And that is because, tons of printer models by the brand can do much more than just print including faxing, scanning and copying image and document files.

However, here, in this read, we’ll be focusing on the HP printer scan to computer part of the entire information part. You’ll get to know about the scan button on HP Printer, the steps to set it up via email, the steps to get multiple scans together, and so much more.

Is there really, a scan button on HP Printer?

Well, as we mentioned earlier, most of the HP Printer models of modern-day technology, cater to four specific imaging requirements- print, scan, copy and fax. So, all the printer models that have scanning ability, would certainly have a scan button or easy operation.

There’s one more reason that makes the scan button a necessity- in times when wireless connections fail and you have to manually complete the scan job. And trust us, you will encounter nothing other than efficiency when it comes to completing jobs via any of the HP products.

Learn how to scan a document on HP printer to computer

This part of the read is exclusively created to help you with scanning a document to your Windows 10 computer. And before we walk you through the steps, we’d like to tell you that there have been three ways so far- HP Smart App, Windows device and printer software, and Windows Fax and Scan.

Here, we’ll be talking about the HP Smart App that is highly recommended for the HP Printer scan to computer procedure:

  1. Begin with ensuring that you have the latest version of the app installed.
  2. Place the document on the automatic document feeder or the scanner glass.
  3. Go ahead and add the name of your HP Printer model for further procedure.
  4. Go on to place a hit on the option that reads “Scan” and wait to be redirected.
  5. Head into the “Get Started” window to begin with the “Scan” procedure.
  6. Move to adjust the scan settings along with the auto-enhancements you need.
  7. Customize the scan requirements you are looking for (source, output, page size, etc.).
  8. Hit on the “Scan” option tab and edit the changes you’d like and follow the prompts.

Note: Keep in mind that you can always head to the official HP website to download and install the HP Smart App on your Windows 10 device.

Application software for how to scan on HP printer to Mac

Two ways for HP Printer scan to computer (macOS) that you can choose from are the HP Easy Scan application and the Apple Preview. This part of the read helps you with using the HP Easy Scan app for the purpose:

  1. Place the image or document on the scanner glass of your HP Printer.
  2. On your macOS device, choose the printer name for scanning the file.
  3. For the “Presets” area, settle on the scan job variant and hit “Scan”.
  4. Follow through with the prompts to add any more pages to the scanned files.

Procedure to set up scan to email on HP printer

This part of the read will help you with HP Printer scan to computer by setting up scan to email:

  1. Place the ‘to-be’ scanned image or text, according to the indicators.
  2. Close the lid of the printer on the scanner glass, and hit “Scan” on the control panel.
  3. Choose the “Scan to E-mail” tab and then go for the “Send an E-mail” option link.
  4. Settle on the “From Address” or the “Outgoing Email Profile” you’d like to associate.
  5. Follow through the onscreen prompts and hit on the link that reads “Next”.
  6. When you come across the scan setting on the control panel, customize it if you will.
  7. And finally, wrap up by sending the scanned data to an email by hitting “Scan”.

Procedure to scan multiple pages to PDF HP printer

So, there isn’t any particular procedure for HP Printer scan to computer with multiple pages at a time. But, what we know is that you can add tons of scanned documents to one file and then save them all together as a PDF. Do you want to know how? Well, we told you about the applications and software services that’ll help you with it and trust us, you’ll know when you see them.

You can also get help from the HP Printer Assistant and the HP Printer Support software, which are printer management services introduced to the world by HP for enhanced user experience.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to help you understand the HP product advancements, especially when it comes to printers. The modern-day printers won’t just print, but also help you with your faxing needs, copying needs, and scanning needs.

We have cited exclusive details that shed light on the “HP Printer Scan to Computer” part of your journey with the printers. You learned about providing scan jobs to your computers (including Mac), setting up the scan to email, and so much more.

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