Strategies to fix hp printer print jobs stuck in queue

There could be nothing more annoying than a situation when you click on the “print” option and what you get to witness is that your printer is not responding to your commands. Well, this truly is an annoying situation giving way to a lot of other problems alongside. In addition to halting your print task, it also becomes a cause of your worry leading you to think what should be done next. So, if you are also having similar issue with your printer or you see HP Printer print jobs stuck in queue issue on your printer, then you can refer to the specific guidelines that we are going to list in this article.

hp printer print jobs stuck in queue

In the following sections, we’ll first talk about what could be the possible reasons that led to this problem and then we will have a discussion on what are the solutions that would help you come out of this problem.

If you do not get this issue fixed immediately, you will not be able to take any printouts from your printer until the issue fixed. Additionally, we ask users to make sure that they do not give too many print commands at the same time after they are done fixing this issue.

Why is HP printer stuck in queue Windows 10?

Following are the most common reasons why you may be facing some serious issues with your printer and why a print job might be stuck. Have a look at these reasons and then try to figure out what could exactly be done to get the problem resolved:

  • In case your Windows 10 device is having outdated printer drivers
  • The printer drivers have gone missing or outdated
  • Your computer might be having incorrect printer configurations
  • There is a faulty connection between your printer and computer
  • The connected cables are loosened or damaged
  • You haven’t cleansed the input tray or the ink cartridges for a long while

Troubleshooting printer documents in queue but won’t print

In case you find out that the hp printer print jobs stuck in queue and you are not able to print because of that, then you can follow the troubleshooting tips we are going to list here:

  • Clear the printer queue 

If you plan to get rid of this problem at the earliest, then what you can do is clear the print queue of your printer. For the same purpose, you can simply press the “cancel” button to stop the printing task. Or you can also follow the steps that are given below:

  1. First of all, power off your printer and unplug the plugged in cords
  2. From the connected device, go to the “Services” menu
  3. After this, look for the “Printer Spooler” option
  4. Right-click on this option and then click the “Stop” option
  5. Now, use the search option and enter “C:WindowsSystem32SpoolPRINTERS” in it
  6. Locate the “Printer” folder and then delete the files present under it
  7. Next up, you can power off your computer system and plug back the cords
  8. Power on both the devices to check if the issue is resolved
  • Install the latest printer drivers

The next thing that you can do is install the latest printer drivers on your device. In case you already have printer driver installed, then you can definitely go ahead with uninstalling and re-installing the driver files to get the latest driver files downloaded. For this purpose, you can go to the official website of HP, enter your printer model in the given search box, and the compatible printer driver files would show up on your screen. Just get the driver files based on your operating system installed and try taking a test printouts.

  • Use HP Printer Assistant

By using this software, you can make sure if everything is working just fine with your printer or not. This is a great printer management program allowing you to improvise your printing tasks.


After reading through this post, you must have realized that there is nothing to worry about if your hp printer print jobs stuck in queue. All you need to do is cancel the current task, clear off the print queue or install the latest printer driver updates on your system. In case you are not able to resolve this issue even after that, then you can contact HP support team or get your printer replaced with a new HP Printer. Also, make sure that you are not giving too many print commands at the same time to avoid any such issues in the future.

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