Walkthrough of the Specifics: HP Printer Claim Code

When printers came along, there was a lot of change in the way we handled files and documents. And we kept on evolving with the print experiences, with new equipment, with new printer models and so much more. HP or Hewlett Packard is one such brand that has never disappointed when it was to offer the best printer models in the world.

hp printer claim code

You should know that HP and hi-tech features go hand-in-hand since the beginning of time. And to your surprise, you can choose from a range of exclusive wired and wireless printers to make the most out of it. Speaking of which, wireless printers are required to be connected with the Internet connection you use.

And that is where the star of this read comes in – an HP Printer claim code is a code that helps you get linked to the in-range network and so much more. Reading through the data below, you’ll get to know the steps that you should go through to obtain the code by printing and the resolution process to undergo when you have to get the printer code without printing.

Trust us, the service that the printer’s claim code renders is extremely essential for its survival in the current day scenario. It helps you interact with the Internet and lets you get linked to an account on the HP Smart App so that you can benefit from the HP-provided web services. Just read on, and get the claim code to experience the best printing journey with HP.

How to obtain the HP claim code for your printers?

Well, now that you know the most part, we think it is time for you to know about the explicit steps that you’d have to undergo to acquire the HP Printer claim code that can help you experience printing on a different level.

  1. Initiate the procedure by getting to the official website.
  2. On reaching there, choose your in-use printer model.
  3. Place a tap on the menu list under “Web Services”.
  4. Either go with “Print Info page” or with “Print Information Sheet”.
  5. Finally, get the claim code from the print that you just received.

Note: We’d like to tell you that whatever you search from the enlisted, they’ll show you the same procedure for obtaining the claim code for your HP Printer

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  • printer claim code HP DeskJet 2600
  • printer claim code HP DeskJet 4100
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  • printer claim code hp envy 6000
  • printer claim code hp DeskJet 3755

Learn about the HP printer claim code not working issue

Well, even though HP printers have not been associated with many technical hindrances, it would be too far-fetched to believe that you won’t face any. Because, that’s the thing about technical services, you never know what you might get to experience. Thus, this part of the read will help you with the same.

One of the major reasons to come across or encounter this issue is the empty ink cartridges which lead you to your failure in acquiring or obtaining the HP Printer claim code. Here’s how you get the claim code without printing:

  1. On your displayed control panel, head to the “HP ePrint” tab.
  2. Next, you’d have to get into “Remove Web Services”.
  3. Go with the upcoming prompts and hit on “HP ePrint” again.
  4. Now, move on to complete the re-enabling steps for Web Services.


How do I find the claim code?

Here, let us help you through the explicit steps that you’d have to undergo to obtain the HP Printer claim code:

  1. Begin by heading to the official printer site online.
  2. Look and go for the option reading “Web Services”.
  3. From the menu that appears, hit “Print Info Page”.
  4. If you don’t find it, hit “Print Information Sheet”.
  5. And on the page that gets printed, will be the claim code.

How do I get my HP printer claim code without printing?

The most renowned way to acquire the HP Printer claim code has been discovered to be printing it on a blank sheet. When you want to know the claim code on the claim card, you would have to get it by printing the “Printer Page Info”. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to obtain it without printing. Let’s say your printer has a displayed control panel. First, you’d have to hit on the HP ePrint icon, and tap on the option saying “Set Up” or “Yes to enable Web Services”. Likewise, you’ll also find a way for the printers that do not have a displayed control panel.

What is a claim code?

Do you need to connect your hi-tech HP printer with the Internet connection that you are using? Or are you looking to access other HP-offered web services via your Smart App account? Let us introduce you to the HP printer claim code that you’ll find on the claim card and will help you connect to the Internet. Using the claim code with the Smart App will help you with accessing and using other printer-compatible website services (for instance, the HP Instant Ink, etc.). And it is said that you can get the code only by printing it on a blank sheet. Visit: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05279891

What is a claim card?

Talking about the HP printer claim code, it works exclusively when it comes to rendering the best user experience in the modern world scenario. This efficient and effective document (the claim card) for HP printers was created to help all the printer users with connecting the devices to the Internet. And in addition to it, get it on an account on the HP Smart App service which comes connected with your printer.


The detailed read above has been carefully designed to lay out the specific and significant details on one of the very amazing features of the printers by HP. It is renowned as the HP printer claim code that comes with a document named the claim card. Reading through the data piece above, you are aware of everything that you’d require to get the claim code and use it to enhance your printing experience as offered by HP. And not just that, if for some reason, you come across a time when the code doesn’t seem to work, you can follow the resolution we suggested to overcome it.

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