Struggling With HP Incompatible Print Cartridge Error? Here’s the Fix!

HP Printers have been considered one of the most advanced next gen printing devices. Having an HP Printer, you can print color or black printouts. To get color printouts in an HP Printer, you are asked to use a standard cartridge on your printer. While printing a paper with an HP Printer, you might face different issues as well. HP incompatible print cartridge error is also one of the most common HP Printer errors that users face on the regular basis. If you are also struggling with an issue on your HP Printer cartridges then you have come to the right page as we are going to talk about some quick and definite solutions that will surely help you to fix such an error.

HP Incompatible Print Cartridge Error Fix

What you need to do is, ensure that your HP Printer is connected to the AC power outlet and head to the solutions that are given in the next sections. In case there is any type of issue with the printer’s hardware then you need to fix it by contacting a repair service provider.

You may face incompatible cartridges issues due to a cartridge declared empty by the printer, an outdated or defective chip, a missing or incorrectly installed cartridge (not properly engaged), and ink on the chip or printer contacts issues. Now, without making any type of delay let’s move forward discussing the solutions to fix the incompatible cartridges issue.

Different Solutions to fix HP Photosmart C4480 incompatible print cartridge issue 

There are different approaches to fixing the cartridges issue with your HP Photosmart printer. To clear out the cartridges issues on your printer, you are suggested to approach the solutions that are given below:

Solution 1: Check whether the cartridges are empty or not

You might be getting an issue with the cartridges of your printer due to low or no ink issues. Now, you need to ensure whether the cartridges are empty or not. You can easily check that by approaching the quick steps that are given below:

  1. Open the lid of your HP Photosmart Printer
  2. Now, carefully get to the cartridges box
  3. If needed, remove the cartridges carefully
  4. Now, you can easily guess whether the cartridges are empty or not

Solution 2: Remove the outdated or defective chip

You may be facing the HP incompatible print cartridge error due to an outdated or defective chip. Once you find such a chip, you should remove it immediately to fix the issue with your printer. If you are not sure with to find and remove the defective chip, you need to approach the quick steps that are given below:

  1. Turn off your HP Printer and then open the lid
  2. Now, you need to head to the cartridges
  3. Remove the cartridges carefully from the printer
  4. Now, you need to take a clean cotton cloth
  5. After that, you need to clean the cartridges contacts carefully
  6. Finally, the HP incompatible print cartridge error will be fixed

Solution 3: Improper cartridges installation

You may also face an issue with the cartridges of your HP Printer in case it is not installed properly. Now, you need to fix this issue to start the printing work on it:

  1. Remove the power plug and turn off the printer
  2. Now, you need to remove the lid of the printer
  3. After that, detect the cartridges and then remove them carefully
  4. Now, clean the cartridges contacts and then re-install the cartridge
  5. Then, close the lid, connect the cables and turn on the printer
  6. Now, check whether the issue persists or not


To sum up, HP Printer users who are facing any issue with the cartridges need to find out the appropriate ways to fix this issue. If you are also facing such an issue on your printer but getting difficulties while resolving the issues then you can easily do so with the help of the quick solutions that are given above on this page. Whether you are getting the cartridges issue with an HP OfficeJet 4650 or HP 8710, you can easily fix the issue by approaching the same solutions. Now, we are sure that you have fixed the HP incompatible print cartridge error with the help of this post.

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